Laura Sammons, CEO

Laura Sammons, CEO

"Yesterday’s challenges shape today’s ideas and drive tomorrow’s innovations. That’s where we meet our clients."

Laura Sammons is an attorney and former military officer who integrates the best aspects of her diverse professional experiences in leading Horizon Aeromarine Inc.

As a United States Air Force Officer, she served in operational support, and later as an attorney, giving her a broad-spectrum perspective, and affording her a better understanding of the needs and language of government clients. As a military attorney, she benefitted from specialized training in government contracting and was responsible for ensuring the legal sufficiency of contract approvals for millions of dollars in awards.

Entering the civilian sector, as a commercial litigation attorney, Laura expanded her focus to include risk and compliance, guiding clients in recognizing, preparing for, mitigating, and defending against the detrimental consequences of commercial risk. Negotiating and drafting large service and operations contracts, and managing contractor relationships, she developed expertise in these critical business areas.

Laura has surrounded herself with talented and intelligent teammates, who share her passion for innovation. She is well-versed in the importance of operating in an adaptive environment, engaging the strengths of diverse team members, and leveraging assets to achieve the assigned mission on-time and on-target. At Horizon Aeromarine, she employs this strategic mindset in delivering critical solutions to the clients, with unmatched capabilities.